One Two Buckle My Shoe

One Two Buckle My Shoe

1, 2
One, two, buckle my shoe;

3, 4
Three, four, knock at the door;

5, 6
Five, six, pick up sticks;

7, 8
Seven, eight, lay them straight;

9, 10
Nine, ten, a good fat hen;

11, 12
Eleven, twelve, dig and delve;

13, 14
Thirteen, fourteen, maids a-courting;

15, 16
Fifteen, sixteen, maids a-kissing;

17, 18
Seventeen, eighteen, maids a-waiting;

19, 20
Nineteen, twenty, I’ve had plenty.


There is no historical data for this rhyme. It seems to be written as a way for children to learn to count by rhyming.